10 Essential Tips For A Better Looking School Website

January 21, 2021 admin

A website is an effective method to reach out to an audience looking for information online. It enables you to broadcast information to the public and they have the capacity to get it 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Websites also serve as channels of communication between the planet and the entity. 

Schools need a site to reach out to current parents, prospective parents, prospective and present employees, media, and a host of other people. A fantastic site (aesthetically and functionally) may make a lasting impression and at the same time, a bad one can result in frustrations.

Here are 10 tips to make sure that your school site provides a fantastic experience for the audience:

  • Host Your Own School Website With a Reliable Hosting Company

Always ensure your website is hosted with a reliable hosting company and is up 24/7. Do some research about the hosting service supplier before picking them. You should monitor your site for uptime using one of those many free tools available on the internet.

  • Ensure the Contact Form and Emails Function

I have observed this problem with a lot of Indian colleges and it in a way defeats the intent of two-way communicating between the customer and the school, yes I’m talking about the email listing on the website not functioning or the contact form on the site not functioning. Imagine you’re taking a look at the school site at midnight (for whatever reason) and then opt to take a question to the faculty, only to find a bounce mail stating “email could not be delivered since the consumer has exceeded his quote limits” or “email couldn’t be delivered as the email id doesn’t exist”. Believe me, this is very common as schools have no one to deal with the emails they get.

Please ensure that your school doesn’t do this error and your mails and contact forms function. Test them occasionally!

  • Make sure School Website Isn’t All Appears But is Search Engine Friendly As Well

Is your school website totally flash-based? There’s a big issue with that. Search engines, that would be the drivers of web traffic do not understand how to read flash. Thus your site is a black box to these and probably won’t appear in their search results. Flash websites no doubt are visually attractive but a good mix of flash and HTML would provide it an equilibrium by it being SEO friendly and aesthetically attractive as well.

  • Design and Create an Effective Home Page

Make certain that the home page of your website makes it possible for users to get a glimpse at the most important things about your school and allows them to choose a navigation course to dig deeper.

  • Use Content Management Systems (CMS) to Manage Your Website Content

School sites have many content upgrade requirements and a static HTML website is not ideally suited for this requirement. It is best to have a CMS system-driven site that allows easy updates of the website content. This may make a different universe of difference for many school websites out there that have outdated information on them. There are loads of quality free CMS systems out there: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.

  • Ensure Ease of Access to Get Information

Make sure your contact details, telephone, address, address map, email, etc are nicely set on the site for users to contact you conveniently.

  • Prevent Flash Intro Pages

Keep away from intro flash splash pages as they do no good but hurt you a lot. Splash pages largely hide all of the inner pages of the site in the search engines, resulting in lesser visibility of your site.

  • Use Multi-Level Drop Down Menu to Organize and Show Pages

In case you’ve got a lot of pages on your college site, it may be worthwhile to make pull-down / drop-down menus to expose internal pages. This company offers an extremely secure drop-down menu creator that’s easy to configure: opencube.com/

  • Use Quality Graphics and Brand Site Effectively

Ensure powerful brand presence and quality graphics on your site to make a lasting impression. It can cost you a bit but always seek professional assistance with website development.

  • Incorporate Social Media Features on the School Website

Create the site social media-friendly by incorporating Flickr (for photo gallery), social bookmarking tools, and a site on your site.

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