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About Pixel Bender Creative

Pixel Bender Creative is a small but determined design studio located in Parksville British Columbia. Launched in the Spring of 2010, Pixel Bender is now taking its first steps towards world domination, seeking those with the same potential for growth, and a passion for business. People like you.

About Todd Silver

Todd is a designer with a flair for the dramatic and an insatiable need to stand out from the crowd. He finds fulfillment in producing dynamic designs under the pressure of a deadline and considers studying the finer points of typography as an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

Todd is also a husband and a father of twins. He doesn’t get a lot of sleep.

About Web Standards

Not too long ago web developers were forced to create several versions of the same site. Depending on a visitor’s web browser and operating system websites would render incorrectly making navigation difficult and in some cases sites were impossible to view at all. Web standards have changed all that.

Today, standards make it possible to get your message out to all of your visitors—those who browse the web via computer, cell phone or other mobile device—as well as speeding up design, simplifying development and lowering download times.

Pixel Bender uses the newest in web technologies to increase your site’s ease of use and hand codes every page to maintain tight control over the design process, lowering the project’s overall cost.

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