November 21, 2017 admin

1. Never Do No SEO

No SEO means visitors to your site. Your site can not be ranked by the search engines with keywords that are relevant, if you don’t implement SEO. They might not index the site for months. Leaving you hanging about waiting for visitors which won’t ever appear.

2. On Page – Off Page SEO Needed

Without doing them both, you won’t achieve success. SEO that is on-page would be argued by many and SEO are as important as every other. Your website can be optimized and rank but off-page can sky rocket the visitors and make your website have authority (another essential aspect to rank higher in the search engines).

3. Don’t Leave SEO For Another Day

The quicker you begin the better it’s going to be. More pages to optimise and less visitors hitting on the site will be meant by leaving it. No ALT tags / image tags will takes days/weeks/months to go.

4. Know Your Competition

Know for what and where they’re standing keywords. Knowing this lets you compete with them. Use their work they done to boost your website without knowing this are going about your company.

5. Never Believe Your Website Is Finished

If you want it to rank higher be improving the site and you will need to add content. Creating content means the websites will be searched by the Google bots and upgrade their indexing.

6. Know Websites Get Penalties

Issues that are known are content, over use of keywords, advert pages, quality backlinks that are very low that are heavy . Research how to get engines will drop your site rather than let it back until the issues are solved.

7. Do Not Copy Content

If Google thinks (knows) your content is copied it will downgrade this webpage or worse the whole website. Most images nowadays are copyrighted so be aware when using these pictures as well (a big bill could come your way). Acknowledge the source, if using content from else where.

8. Blog

You add value if you website. But it adds content. New give people a reason and keywords areas.

9. Use Google Search Console

The search console lets you learn what traffic you are getting and how many impressions you’re currently getting and for what keywords. This is a tool.

10. Set Up & Ask For Reviews About Google Business Pages

Google Business Pages can help you rank number 1 if your site isn’t number one for a search. This is. Its easy to prepare and great for searches.