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  • Work Teaser : No HInts So Don't Ask
  • Work Teaser : No HInts So Don't Ask
  • Work Teaser : No HInts So Don't Ask
  • Work Teaser : No HInts So Don't Ask

Just a few teasers for some work that's about to go live. Apologies to the fine folks at Dribbble.

On Designing, Re-Designing And Then Designing Again

You know, if I really loved this design I’d have let it go.

Well no, that’s not true—I’d have continued to pick at it, refining it, fine-tuning it, re-aligning it, and then giving it up for dead only to come back to it later and starting again.

It would still be a mock-up in Fireworks or perhaps sitting half-completed on my development server. (Picking at something in a graphics program is one thing, but if you really want to start the slow decent into insanity, try agonizing over details in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.)

But then you wouldn’t be using this website, viewing my latest projects or learning more about Pixel Bender. You certainly wouldn’t be reading this journal entry—as I’d be spending my evenings evaluating the effectiveness of one esthetic detail or another:

“Is that button too clean? Does it fit into the texture of the overall design? Should I add a wrinkle? Or what about a smudge? Should the smudge be dramatic or subtle? Or would that be too much? And damn it, should it be fixed width or should it scale?”

Eventually, thankfully, I fell out of love with this design. I became cold and detached and started to eye my work like Dexter Morgan sizing up his latest bad guy.

I stopped designing for the sake of the design (which is to say I stopped designing for myself) and began to look at the site as the primary marketing arm of Pixel Bender Creative. I was able to look at what worked, what didn’t and why. I was able to make decisions as to what was feasible using the chosen technology and what was best for the users.

In doing so, I was able to create an appropriate site for my business—namely one that I was able to let go, to stand on it’s own two feet, or fall flat on its face. But one that was, finally, completed.

I Just Lied About the Completed Thing

No, it’s not done. Of course not. This is the web, I’m not going to let this thing sit here and grow stale. I’m going to refine continually (I’ve spruced-up the work section already) and then re-align sporadically. But, now that the love is gone, doing so will be quick and relatively painless— if not a little bloody.


This site was created using valid HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScipt with a heavy reliance of JQuery. No Flash whatsover was used in the creation of this site.

I used the following JQuery scripts to spice things up a bit:

The contact form was created using The Green Beast's Form Script

I hand coded everything using my beloved BBEdit and used the wonderful Transmit for all of my FTP-ing needs. This site is hosted by the wonderful folks at Joynet.

The design is a fluid one, and should stretch to fill whatever screen you may be using. If anything looks amiss, and you’re not using IE6,

Great Links

A collection of design & develpment links. Updated daily. Usually.

31Three For All: Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain is, in my humble opinion, possibly the finest web designer working today. Nothing but stunning work.

Have a Mint? Pixel Bender's preferred web analytics tool is Shaun Inman's Mint: user friendly but powerful it's well worth the $30 price.

Last to the FM Party: Finally sinking my teeth into, and I'm proud to say not an 80's tune to be seen in my recommended list. Yet.

Joynet Re-Desiged: BC-based design superhero re-designed Joynet’s website: Joynet. Be sure to check out the animated graphic created without any Flash.

Geek Sounds: Dan Benjamin’s new 5x5 Studios is the place for “geeks, designers & developers”. Be sure to listen to The Big Web Show, a personal favorite.

Out in the Cold: So what does one have to do to get a Dribble invite? It’s the place to see what some great web designers are up to.

Great Reading

Some great web design & development books we’re currently reading.

Textpattern Solutions

Textpattern Solutions Book Cover Textpattern is Pixel Bender’s content management system (CMS) of choice and Textpattern Solutions is its go-to resource. The book is comprehensive, covering everything from your first installation to advanced tactics and strategies. Learn More…

CSS Mastery

CSS Mastery Book Cover Go beyond the basics of CSS with Andy Budd’s CSS Mastery. Learn elegant solutions to some of the biggest challenges when designing with CSS. Be sure to check out Cameron Moll’s case study—he’s a bit of a design-hero of ours. Learn More…

Elements of Typographic Style

Elements of Typographic Style The authoritative resource in typography. Equal parts beautiful, informative and entertaining it’s a must for anyone wanting to learn good design—on paper or online. Learn More…