Social Media


When you invest with Pixel Bender in social media, we develop a plan designed to move your customer through the buying cycle, from consciousness, to advocacy, to conversion.

Using data we create social media campaigns designed to drive growth in 3 areas:


Facebook LinkedIn, – we work with all of them. It is not you use, it’s about where your client is in their buying cycle. Your strategy will be made to target your customer they are online.

With Pixel Bender, strategy, every strategy and action is focused on one thing – achieving your business goal. It may be revenue increase, volume of leads, or brand awareness.

As opposed to just focusing on social media, we connect every station your customer uses to drive growth – social websites, search, content, email, mobile, display, you name it to drive exponential growth.

Led by a strategist that is digital, you get a team of people working together across every channel. It’s like your marketing team.

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